Tuesday, July 7, 2009

the boredom

the saddest thing about being bored in your HSC year is that you really have no right to be. i mean this year is all about studies and concentration and ... ' KEEP GOING YOU ONLY HAVE 6/5/4/3 MONTHS LEFT! ' so being bored and writing makes me rather guilty. i know i have alot to do but as some would say, ' WHO CARES, as long as youre having fun its all gooood'
i wish i had that mentality, actually, wait... i do. i just dont have parents that think the same.
ahh the complex world of a teenager. we're pretty much adults but we dont get treated like ones. its crap. thats what it is....

anyways i wanna make a mention to gail who is my comic relief. she may not know this BUT i love having classes with her. she is on my good list. thats right im that cinderella phs chick. and gail youre on my happy faced list ;)

speaking of that cinderella phs girl, my friends and I were speaking at lunch, as we do, and yr 12 should have a evil stepsister page and just mock everything she does. . . she is stupid. but oh well.

ok im outies.


id like to say thanks to gail for being oh so gay :)


  1. Wooo!
    When I saw the photo, I thought "OH NO not another bag out gail post". I imagined it to be another post like Gerry's!
    Thanks Namuu! You made my day. I'm your comic relief? Awesome :D